That time has come for Autumn to get her chance at healing. To leave behind her home, family, and friends for a hopeful future. Autumn has been diagnosed with Dravet Syndrome (a severe form of epilepsy that comes with developmental delays and more) and severe autism. For five years her mother, Chris, has fought to bring medical cannabis to Kansas and Missouri for Autumn and all those in need. Chris is the vice president and a founding board member of Bleeding Kansas Advocates. In those five years she has done everything she could to help patients. Chris regularly engages in patient assistance offering help with food, obtaining financial assistance with bills, advocating for SSI and medical benefits, meeting with legislators to effect change, holding patients and family while they cry, hospital visitations, participating in
court support, relocating families, doing petitions, and helping to bury those that have been lost. Now it is time that her daughter, Autumn, get the chance to heal and thrive before it is too late. Autumn has suffered for years at the hands of Kansas’ draconian laws. Despite the overwhelming support from Autumn’s Doctors, community, care team, therapists, and first responders she still does not have access to medicine that could save her life. She is consistently denied services and equipment that would make her quality of life better. The family has begged for YEARS for #ksleg to show compassion and grant her access to options that have been proven and backed by overwhelming science. This has fallen on deaf ears. She has been out of options in Kansas for some time and has even been referred to neurology in St. Louis where she still does not have any viable options for treatment. She has tried all medications and diets currently available to her including multiple high end brands of CBD. All of these options have been unsuccessful at controlling her seizures that can last for hours at a time.
Surgery is not an option for Dravet patients as the seizures occur in all parts of the brain and frequently change and evolve. This baby has danced with death for long enough! She is nonverbal but recently SPOKE TO US “ get way, ready, enough.” She stated herself that she has had enough and is wanting to “get way” We ask that you show this family the compassion and love that they have selflessly shown others for the last five years and help us get Autumn to safety.
The family is looking to relocate to the Littleton Colorado area where they have jobs lined up. Mom, Chris Gordon, has been taking courses for months to ensure their success in that area. She has completed her CPR training, her CNA (certified nursing assistant), and her CMA (certified medication assistant) She enters her HHA (home health aide) certification July 19th. Dad is currently working two jobs in an attempt to save as much as possible but a move of this magnitude is difficult especially with a medically fragile child.
This family can use as much help as they can get to assist with relocation expenses and getting Autumn set up to thrive in Colorado. Any side fundraisers are also appreciated when approved by the family.

Starfish Project would like to help the family raise $5,000 to help them make it to Colorado safely and help with mounting utility bills.

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