Inside Children’s Mercy we have a respite place called the Ronald McDonald Family Room. Within the Family Room we have seven small sleeping rooms that are given to parents who have a critically-ill child. Parents are offered these rooms nightly in hopes that they can get much needed rest while caring for their sick child. These parents are experiencing one of the scariest and uncertain times in their lives. Our goal for the Family Room Care Kits is to welcome parents and provide a small bit of comfort and hope.

We ask that all kits be delivered to the Family Room inside of Children’s Mercy, weekdays between 8 am-4 pm. To schedule outside these hours please use the contact information above.

Suggestions for “Family Room Care Kit” (stored in small baskets or re-usable totes)

-bottled water, adult blanket, gum/mints

-hygiene items (shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, toothbrush/paste, body wash)

-hand lotion, Chapstick, mini packets of Kleenex

-journal/pen (for note taking when meeting with doctors)

-a light snack (protein bar, fruit snacks, trail mix), regular sized chocolate bar (Dove, Ghirardelli)

-message with words of encouragement (non-religious)