Mike and Vic Carter’s Story

Vic and her “Bestest Bud” and Love of her Life

Mike and Vic on a camping trip enjoying the sites around Weston.

My husband and ‘Bestest Bud” Mike Carter was diagnosed over a year ago on August 28, 2017 and is now batting Stage 4 Colon Cancer.  As Vic, Mike’s wife and best friend, writes now he is back in the hospital, with fever and chills.

Carter supported me and lifted me up every day white I went through terrifying Cervical Cancer. He never left my side and he never gave in to believing, even for a second, that I wouldn’t get better.  He was my rock.  After batting for almost a year and hospital stays for infections and related witnesses, I was finally regaining my strength.

Vic and Mike in the hospital waiting for test results!

I’ve lost count of the number of times he’s been admitted during this past year, but it’s around a dozen. Most visits last for 5 – 10 days.  He has batted and overcome multiple surgeries, over 24 Chemo treatments, 5 radiation treatments, fatigue, multiple related sicknesses, numbness in his hands and feet, and the total toss of taste. He is a fighter so I believe he will putt through this battle and we will our lives out together as we have always planned. But we are in serious need of prayer and support as we continue to fight this horrible cancer.

Mike and his two nurses rocker and Tonka!

The reality is that this evil disease is ravaging my husband’s body and my soul. He is a rock, and he has never once complained about the process his body is going through. He is unwavering in his faith and in his belief that we will live out our years together and he will beat this horrible condition.

Mike and Vic with their family!

We are in need of $15,000 to pay our debt that is so insurmountable that there is truly no end in sight.  It is devastating to have to go through this incredulous journey with by best friend and know that he has additional financial burdens to carry in his mind white he is fighting for his life. He has been unable to

Work for the past year and I am self employed as a Bookkeeper. I have wonderful Clients that have been so generous and understanding. But there is still so much help we need. Finances are the LAST thing any person should have to deal with when a loved one is fighting for their life.  Please read the outline below for more information about Carter’s battle. I cannot tell you how much we appreciate any financial support to help contribute to Carter’s fight.

Mike getting his third port cleaned.

We will take your tax free donation through Dec. 1st! You will receive a personal Thank you from Mike Carter!

You can request more information by emailing Starfish! Thank you for your generosity Mike and Vic Carter.

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