We want to do a huge shout out to our event sponsors:

$3,000 Mitzi Ryburn Agencey
$1000 Carl Little – SumnerOne
$1000 Karen Reyes & Robin Maupin -Pixingo
$500 Emerson Thornehill
$500 EPIC Lawn and Land Scape
$250 Midwest Logic
$250 NCRI
$250 Big Bob’s Carpet
$100 Dylan Corporation
$5,000 Anonymous Matching Gift Sponsor

Who Do You Know That is Making a Difference?

Enter the Starfish Project’s 2020 Art Contest Fundraiser and help us share the stories of the Starfish Difference Makers in our community. Tell us about someone in your life that you see making a difference in their community or in the lives of others.

Here is a link to the event.

It is FREE to participate. We want you to draw, paint or color a picture to show us who in your life that you see making a difference (at least one starfish at a time). You can create your Starfish Difference Maker picture from scratch or using our downloadable template. All artistic abilities are welcome and encouraged to join us in this effort. Let’s be honest… its not as much about the artistic talent as it is sharing the story and raising money for Starfish Project.

Everyone who enters will get their own personalized fundraising page to display their Starfish Difference Maker picture and tell others about them. You will want to send your unique fundraising URL to all of your family, friends, coworkers, and social media connections to share your story and ask for their support. The more you share, the better your chances of winning!

Fundraising Window is October 17 to Giving Tuesday, 12/1/20

Do you know “The Starfish Story?” [CLICK to view]

Your generous donations to the Starfish Project Difference Makers Fundraiser will support us in the following areas:

$5,000 provide additional toiletries and a program for the homeless and at risk students in Olathe to be able wash their clothes and uphold their dignity in the face of their peers.

$6,000 provide a social work practicum site and intern stipend for local universities for up to 6 students for a school year.

$24,000 monthly support for our community center. Within our community center we work with local organizations to coordinate and distribute food to those starving in our community, offer art programs for individuals of all ages, abilities, scout groups and home school curriculum, necessities to our homeless, job skills to SER employees, social work practicum site for local universities, community service opportunities for kids meeting volunteer hours to graduate and much more. The list is much longer and I would be happy to set a time to share additional activities with you.

$1,000 for a sign in the front of our suite, so people are able to locate us

$9,000 to provide free art classes, including supplies for those with mental and physical disabilities, and veterans with PTSD for one year.

$5,000 to provide support for those in the community finding themselves in situations and need a little support to get back on their feet. This would include, but not limited to: escaping domestic violence situations, house fires, the ability to get to work and assistance with basic necessities.

Thank you so much for being a Difference Maker in our community!