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*I received a couple of blessing bags from Leawood Country Club as part of a Community Service event the Starfish Project Foundation sponsored. While on business travel recently, I had the opportunity to hand the bag to a man who was in need. As I was driving off, I looked in my rear view mirror and I noticed the homeless man was smiling as he read the note. It warmed my heart. I now keep blessing bags in my car at all times so that I can be ready to bless someone.” – Debbie

*Thank you and so much for the appliance donations today!  We greatly appreciate your support as we strive to assist homeless families in regaining self-sufficiency!  It was wonderful getting to meet you!  We look forward to continuing our partnership!”


Saturday Thomas Moreland of the Starfish Project Foundation delivered a refrigerator and kitchen range to a struggling young family who’s refrigerator had quit and didn’t have the resources to replace it.

About 3 weeks ago I made the attached post pleading for help for them. The response was immediate and overwhelming. Within minutes my timeline started blowing up with messages from concerned people including comments on the thread, personal messages and even a few phone calls.

I’d like to thank the many people who offered to contribute toward the purchase of appliances for my friends. As I am not a non-profit organization I was glad to have the Starfish Project Foundation step in and help

To those of you who offered financial assistance if you are still willing I would like to suggest you make a contribution to the Starfish Project Foundation to make it possible for them to help others in the future. For information on how to make a donation: https://starfishproject21.org/donate-starfish-project/

The Starfish Project Foundation Mission Statement

“Our mission is to be the connector between the community, non-profits, and those in need throughout the Kansas City Metro area. We do this by connecting with non-profits, finding out what resources they are looking for, and going out into the community to help locate those items. Once we have found the donations, we assist with the transport if needed. We work to support all non-profits and inspire the public to Pay It Forward and give back. We are a 501c3 organization and also assist with making monetary contributions tax deductible, when donated to worthy causes.“

To all who made a compassionate response to my original plea I wish to offer a big

T H A N K . Y O U ! ! ! !

Dave Michael

Thomas Moreland Starfish Project