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*Join us Friday December 17th, from 1pm to 5pm, we want to show all of our amazing volunteers how much we appreciate you. If you have ever volunteered with us, want to volunteer or just find out more about what we do, we welcome you to join us. We will have drinks, snacks, door prizes and photos with Frosty. This is open to the public and a family friendly event. We could not do what we do without our volunteers, on the 17th, let us show you how much we APPRECIATE YOU!

We have several people asking, “What is the one thing Starfish Project Foundation needs the most?” It would be support and donations to help us keep our doors open and lights on. Our goal is to have 1,000 people donating $5 per month in pledge donations. If you know an individual, groups or business that would like to donate, please share our mission with them. Click here for ways to donate. Currently we are touching over 1,000 lives a month. We could not do what we do without the support of our family, friends, volunteers and donors. Together We Are Making a Difference!

Upcoming Fundraisers – Events

*BINGO for Starfish Project, December 16. We will be doing BINGO again at Hamburger Mary’s from 7:00 to 9:00. It’s a lot of fun and helps Starfish Foundation Project.

*If you like to cook/bake and would want to help us spoil our volunteers, we welcome you to bring a food item to our Appreciation Day Friday the 17. Count me in!

*Do you shop Amazon? Consider using Amazon Smile and donate while you shop. 

*Who do you know that sends holiday card, newsletters or year end letters? Or need to have things printed? Consider using Sand Dollar Print Shop. Proceeds from your print jobs help support Starfish Project Foundation. They are also able to print banners, posters and canvas prints. For estimates, email printshop@sfp21.net or call 913-353-8021.

Our Projects​

*On January 7th, we will begin capturing 4,500 entree from the Olathe School system. Instead of hitting the landfill, they will be distributed out to the kids that are still hungry. In order to accomplish this, we need volunteers to help everyday school is in session. Between 30 minutes and 1 hour of your time will help us supply thousands of kids with food. If you are interested in additional details, click here and sign up or contact Ed at ehemberger22@gmail.com. We will continue to update as we have additional details.

*For those of you that have not heard yet, Starfish Project Foundation was selected as one of The Mayor’s Children’s Fund recipients.  The funds are allocated to Raleen’s Kids, a project very near and dear to our hearts. Link to sign up to donate. Let’s all pitch in to give the dignity back to our kids.

*Blessing bags are a staple project for us.  If you have any of these items you would like to donate, we can use them.  Click to see the list.  We are running really low on these supplies.  As soon as the supplies come in, we will need help putting the bags together.

*Have you ever received a gift, but it really wasn’t for you? Is it still being stored in a closet or drawer? If so, consider donating those items to Starfish Project Foundation. We have lots of opportunities to get them to someone that can use them.

*Here is a current link to our wishlist and needed items.

*PAY IT FORWARD -get the PIF challenge going with all of your family, friends, schools and co-workers. Cards can be picked up M-F, between 9am and 5pm. Lets cover our community with acts of kindness.

Volunteer Opportunities

*Donate Blood -Our next blood drive is December 31 – January 4. Click here for details. We will continue to have these drives every other month and welcome you to get on our donation schedule with us. Your donation can save up to 3 lives. You can donate at any of the CBC Donor Centers here in the KC Metro. Be sure to give them the code EF9C, and let them know you are donating on behalf of Starfish Project Foundation.

*The second Saturday of every month we host a potluck meal and hand up haircuts. Every month we have close to 20 people that look forward to getting their haircut. For some of us that is no big deal, to others that money can be used for food or gas for the month. If you know anyone willing to help with cutting hair, please connect us! Please click here to sign up!

*In December we will be providing a Taco bar (Sign up being created for food) for 100 students and staff, along with gifts to the kids we have adopted at Hope School. We have a few more open slots if you would like to help us with food, click here for additional details.

*We are in dire need of backups for our Panera pickups on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights. We currently have someone picking up those nights, but no one when they are not able to help. Please call Joyce at 913-839-8567 if you would be able to help! Link to back up sign up.

*We need 3-5 people that could help and/or be back up on call for general food pickups.  We have places that would like us to pick up and we get calls from other groups that have food to donate.  We are not currently able to pick up without some additional volunteers that can help.  Please contact Joyce at 913-839-8567 to get on our pick up list. Here is the link to get on the back up list.

*How would you like to help us do random deliveries of kindness? Since it is random, we don’t always know when the opportunity will arise. We are compiling a list of people we can call when the opportunities come up. Please add me to the list.

*Do you or someone you know have a passion for art and want to help with our arts program? Consider visiting with Julaire on what opportunities we have available: julaire@sfp21.net

What Starfish Project Foundation Needs

*If you have ever been in our facility and use the restrooms, you have probably noticed they could really use some TLC.  If you or anyone you know is looking for a project, we can really use help with this one! If interested, please contact Joni @sfp21.net.

*Our art program has the following wish list items:

16×20 canvas 

20×24 canvas



*Do you have clean grocery sacks you would like to see recycled instead of thrown out?  We can use them!  Bags are used to make homeless mats and shared with New Hope Food Pantry to help distribute their food donations.  Bags can be dropped off at The Beach and our volunteers will get them ready to be used again.

*Fleece, we are in need of fleece again for our no sew blankets and dog toys.

*Who likes to color?  We have several sheets that will be turned into place mats at the nursing homes and senior centers.  They can be picked up or colored onsite.  We can use help with the lamination process too.  Once completed, Starfish Project will laminate and set up delivery. 

*If you have old t-shirts to donate (we don’t care if they are stained, as long as they are clean), we collect and cut for Inclusions Connections/PawsAbilities. 

*We always have calls for needed items.  Are you a part of our Facebook volunteer group?  If not, consider joining today!

*Does your company match donations or give out community grants?  These are great opportunities for us!​

*Do you belong to a group or organization that would like to volunteer as a team?  Here is a link with additional details of how you can sign your team up.

*Do you want to volunteer, but don’t know where to start or how you can help?  Please stop by The Beach and let’s get you plugged in!  We have opportunities come up daily.

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**Starfish Project/The Beach is open M – F, 9am – 5pm



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