Helping the Homeless Blessing BagsHave you ever seen that person on the side of the road with the sign that said “Homeless”? Is the first think you think…”I want to help them, but don’t want to give them money”? So you sit in your car and do nothing, the whole time wishing you could do something. There is something you can do, carry Blessing Bags in your car! Now you are able to hand them a bag that has water, snacks and some necessities. The bags don’t have to be exactly the same. Here is a great list of items (not limited to) that can be placed in the bag:

Bottle of water, fruit cups, breakfast bars, wet wipes, deodorant, comb/hair brush, plastic ware, Vaseline, laundry pods, pocket Bibles, flip top cans of soup/ravioli, razors, apple sauce cups, cups of instant oatmeal, cheese & crackers, toothbrush/toothpaste, travel size shampoo/conditioner, bar of soap, Tylenol, lotion, Band-Aids, chap stick, pop tarts, gum, gauze, hand sanitizer, Q-tips, Kleenex, mouth wash, socks and new underwear.

In the cold weather months, don’t forget stocking hats, gloves and hand warmers!


“I was so happy to have had a blessing bag in my car today. I drove by a homeless gentleman today and then remembered I had been given a bag from the Starfish project. I turned around and took him the bag. He was so appreciative. He told me how much he especially appreciated the fruit fruit cup that was in the bag- he said it was so nice to have something refreshing. He was a very nice man and I appreciate that the blessing bag gave me the opportunity to meet him, bless him and be blessed in return!” Mary Jon

I received a couple of blessing bags from Leawood Country Club as part of a Community Service event the Starfish Project sponsored. While on business travel recently, I had the opportunity to hand the bag to a man who was in need. As I was driving off, I looked in my rear view mirror and I noticed the homeless man was smiling as he read the note. It warmed my heart. I now keep blessing bags in my car at all times so that I can be ready to bless someone. Debbie

What an amazing job this Olathe Wolf Cub Scout from pack 3467 did. He put together his own set of Blessing Bags and dropped them off with us, so we could help get them distributed to our homeless. So proud of his accomplishments!!!