Has your business, church or civic group been looking for a place you can volunteer as a group?

You might consider checking out Starfish Project Foundation, we have opportunities for all ages and abilities!

How can my organization get signed up to volunteer?

  1. Email us at contactus@sfp21.net.
  2. Let us know how many is in your group, how long you would like to volunteer, skill sets of the group and a few times that works for you.
  3. We will work with your group and get you on the schedule!

What would we be doing?

Starfish Project Foundation works with many needs throughout the community. Depending on how many collective hours your group will be volunteering (number of people x how long you will with us), we would put together stations. These stations will vary depending on the current needs. Below you will see a sampling of stations we have set up in the past. By doing this, your group can find that project that has a soft spot in their heart, at the same time, can move stations at any time. Our goal is for your group to enjoy their time with us, while teambuilding and filling the needs of the community.

A few of the stations you could see:

  1. Assembling dog toys for local recues
  2. Putting together kits for ill children in the hospital
  3. Filling blessing bags for our homeless
  4. Sorting and bagging “Dignity Kits” for our homeless and at risk youth
  5. Cutting old t-shirts
  6. Making no sew blankets
  7. Tying bags together for homeless mats

Some of the populations those stations will serve (this will change depending on the stations):

  • Homeless and at risk youth in our community
  • Veterans
  • Local animal rescues
  • Ill children and their families
  • Seniors and shut-ins
  • Groups with special needs

Do we need to bring anything?

You will not need to bring anything to participate. However, if your business would like to bring supplies for kits, items on our wish list or even contribute monetary donations, this will help us supply even more support to the needs of the community.

Can my group sponsor the projects that day?

Absolutely! If your business or organization would like to purchase we can give you a list of needed items and/or the cost of your projects. Checks can be written to Starfish Project Foundation and if your group took up a collection, we can take cash too!

Something to consider when volunteering with us:

If your company gift matches, please consider letting us help you fill out the forms and providing the information to match your contributions. Also, several companies have foundations and funding available for non-profits, but you have to be referred from an employee. Would you consider referring us to the right person within your organization? We heavily rely on donations to keep our community center open and supporting our community.

Does your company participate in the United Way?

Consider delegating your funds to Starfish Project Foundation.