Faith is the bird that sings before dawn…


Chef Angela Clayton was diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer and lymph node cancer in October of 2019. She has overcome many obstacles in her past. She has undergone two major surgeries. So many appointments, tests, CT and PET scans with two rounds of aggressive radiation treatments. 10 weeks of lymphatic physical therapy to learn to swallow, talk and teach fluid to flow correctly again. She has suffered from financial hardship as she is a single woman. 


She sets goals for herself and has been very successful in meeting them even fighting this hard fight! She started with a company in Overland Park, KS August 2018 as a Sous Chef. She started working for another company during a pandemic in October 2020. Chef Angela has passion for preparing foods, cooking homemade recipes and assisting in all types of cooking classes especially for the children. As a part of her job each week helps to prep and prepare 1000 meals for the underprivileged and in her spare time volunteers for whatever may need done. 

Beautiful things happen in the kitchen where she’s employed. Angela attended a 5-week Professional Culinary Pro Series 1 and plans to attend a Pro Series 2 this fall.


As she faces her upcoming appointments, Thyrogen Shots and PET scan come July 2021 Chef Angela needs financial support at this time in her life. These tests and scans had to be postponed because of exhausting all her savings. This is what your financial support will go towards.


If you were to meet Angela you would say she’s extremely caring of others and very loving to her family and has a hard work ethic. Thyroid Cancer hasn’t been easy but Angela has a positive attitude and sees the best in everything and everyone. She’s a fighter!


Thank you for your support today. Let’s beat this together!