Joni is proud to be a board member and sponsor of the Starfish Project.

Meet Joni

Joni is passionate about helping people work toward optimal physical and mental well-being. She is a certified yoga and fitness practitioner and a holistic nutrition educator. Joni finds great joy in teaching FUNky Kids Yoga, Yoga for Golfers, working with atypical children through her Peaceful Warriors program and provides personal training and nutritional counseling sessions to clients of all ages. She actively supports Starfish Project by giving back 20 percent of funds received.

Joni resides in Overland Park, Kansas with her husband Ryan and daughter Ashlyn.  Over 10 years ago, Joni became a student of holistic medicine as she was searching for tools that would support her family’s physical and mental wellness journey.   Being a student for life, Joni has read hundreds of books and articles, attended countless wellness conferences and meetings, talked to numerous Preventative Medicine Dr’s, and has spoke at hundreds of wellness workshops.  Unlike so many people, Joni applies what she learns.

Today, she has come to realize that to treat the root cause of illness and to bring our bodies back into balance, we must take into consideration our “biochemical individuality”.  Our ancestry and genetic heritage, our blood type and our metabolic profile plays a huge role in how we respond to nutrition, essential oils, medications, vaccinations, yoga, exercise, stress, job satisfaction etc.

Joni started Upgrade Yourself Now to support others in their wellness journeys. Joni’s simple upgrades will give your body and mind the internal environment it needs to heal and repair without harmful side effects.

Joni invites you to expand your mind to the possibility that when you treat the root cause of disease, your body will heal and prevent. She will equip you and your family with simple upgrades to assist you in your wellness and healing journey.


Our Useful Features & Services

FUNky Warrior Yoga

Joni’s FUNky Warrior Yoga sessions will allow your child to explore Yoga’s many healing benefits in a fun, supportive, non-intimidating, nurturing and sensory friendly environment.


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Simple Life Style Upgrades

To SHINE (Serve others, Honor God, Improve continually, Navigate with values, Earn referrals). To add value to others lives by providing resources that will improve their quality of life.