MidAmerica Alliance For Access is a Kansas City-based, 501(c)(3) non-profit that has been empowering individuals with disabilities through the achievement of equal access and opportunity in the community since 1988.  By providing independent living services, in-home caregiver services, and low-cost medical equipment and supplies through the new Accessibility Medical subsidiary, the Alliance For Access works to build a community that is inclusive and accessible to individuals of all abilities. 

Our Mission and Values

At MidAmerica Alliance For Access, our corporate culture is integrated into our mission to be the gateway for healthcare resources. We envision our day-to-day operations fulfilling our mission by providing services and products that foster independence and health care systems that are accessible.

At the Alliance For Access, we have found certain things to be true and we’ve come to collectively practice these convictions as our corporate values.

A) We value consistency and quality because every experience contributes to the ongoing story about who we are in the community

B) We value innovation because we know it’s the starting place to find unmet needs and fill them

C) We value the unique perspective of those with a disability therefore, we maintain a workplace and a Board of Trustees composed of differing abilities whose perspective influences our day-to-day operations

D) We value the freedom and empowerment of individuals to self-direct their lives and live independently

E) We value excellence because being good isn’t good enough

F) We value affordability because health care and independence isn’t optional

G) We value abundant hospitality because we believe it’s the best means for communicating respect

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