Operation WildLife is the largest publicly funded wildlife clinic in Kansas, according to Kansas Wildlife and Parks Statistics. We receive thousands of wild animals each year, with release rates averaging 69%, 20% higher than the national average.

We receive NO state or federal funding and rely entirely on donations to exist. It is the generosity of people like you that makes it possible for us to continue providing veterinary care, food and rehabilitation services for wild animals.

Our services cover nine Kansas counties or about 4,500 square miles. Injured, orphaned or displaced animals are received from a variety of sources: Kansas Wildlife and Parks, Kansas Highway patrol and other law enforcement agencies, animal control officers, veterinarians and private individuals.

Mission & History

Operation WildLife (OWL) has been providing rehabilitation and veterinary services to injured and orphaned wild animals in northeast Kansas for almost 30 years.

OWL acts in the best interest of each animal received. After emergency needs are met and the animal is stabilized, a program for total recovery is designed. Steps in the recovery program include:

  • Medical attention
  • Special housing
  • Natural foods or close substitutes
  • “Siblings” and/or “foster parents” for juveniles

These are all essential for wild animals to be physically and behaviorally prepared to return to their natural habitat.


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