Quick Reference Guide


Center of Grace                                          520 S Harrison                Olathe                            (913-764-1353)

City Union Mission                   Give vouchers for local thrift stores       KC, MO                      (816-474-9380)

Catholic Charities                                      333 E Poplar                     Olathe                            (913-782-0477)

                                                Open:   Mon & Wed – 9-11:30 am and 1-3:30 pm

Joy Closet                                                 504 E Main St                           Gardner                    (913-856-8868)

*very inexpensive clothing closet with some household items

Open Arms                                         12480 S Blackbob Road            Olathe                              (913-744-1177)

                                     *Open:  Tues & Thurs – 1-3 pm       3rd Sat – 9-11 am


Catholic Charities                                333 E Poplar                     Olathe                                                  (913-782-4077)

Central Church of the Nazarene   12600 W 87th Pkwy        Lenexa                                              (913-541-2600)

Open:  Wed & Thurs- 9 am-noon                  *Need photo ID                 * limit of 6x/year

City Union Mission *Must be qualified for food stamps KC, MO                                                 (816-474-9380)

First Christian Church                200 E. Loula                         Olathe                                                       (913-764-3555)

Johnson County Multi-Service Centers                                  Call for Appointment                      (913-715-6653)

Life Spring Church                             210 N Webster             Spring Hill                                                (913-592-5433)

Manna Ministries                             1700  W. Santa Fe             Olathe                                                  (913-764-1445)

New Hope Food Pantry             13310 S Blackbob Rd           Olathe                                                  (913-782-0955)


Open Arms                         12480 S Blackbob Road                Olathe                                                  (913-744-1177)

                                     *Open: Tues & Thurs – 1-3 pm       3rd Sat – 9-11 am

Salvation Army                                 420 E Santa Fe St           Olathe                                                      (913-782-3640)


Harvesters Mobile Food Pantry

Gardner Church of the Naz     16640 N Moonlight Rd        1st Mon of the mo.   10:00-11:30 am         (913-856-8307)

Dunamis                                          911 S. Parker St                     2nd Tues of the mo.  7:00-9:00 pm              (913-549-6942)

Catholic Charities of NE KS              333 E. Poplar                    4th Tues of the mo.   8:45-10:15 am           (913-433-2100)

Open Arms                                         12480 S. Blackbob            1st Sat of the mo.      7:30-8:30 am              (913-829-0712)

Redemption Church                    515 Ridgeview Rd                1st Sat of the mo.      1:00-2:30 pm             (913-712-8520)

New Hope Presb. Church           13310 S Blackbob                2nd Sat of the mo.     9:30-12:00 am            (913-782-7325)

Heartland Com. Church         12175 S. Strangline Rd            3rd Sat of the mo.      8:30-10:00 am           (913-341-5820)



Advice and Aid Pregnancy Center

Foxhill Medical Building*    4601 W 109th Ste 302       Overland Park                   (913-962-0200)

11644 W 75th 4D                  Shawnee                             (913-198-9890)

*Parenting classes, maternity and baby items.

Catholic Chairities                                  333 E Poplar           Olathe                                              (913-782-0477)

Sign Ups for Happy Bottoms on the 2nd and 4th Wed. of the month 1-4 pm      Call first

Open Arms                                         12480 S Blackbob Road            Olathe                                (913-744-1177)

                                     *Open: Tues & Thurs – 1-3 pm       3rd Sat – 9-11 am



My Father’s House (Church of the Resurrection) 13720 Roe Ave.               Leawood                             (913-897-0120)

*Need to have a social worker (partner with various services/organizations) assigned to them call on their behalf.

Hope Faith                                   705 Virginia Ave                                       KC, MO 64106                    (816-471-4673)

Salvation Army                            1223 E Santa Fe                                       Olathe                                  (913-782-3640)

*Items are for sale priced similarly to other thrift stores.

Turnstyles                                    11310 W 135th St                                      Olathe                                  (913-444-0338)

*Items are for sale priced similarly to other thrift stores.

Freecycle.org     *Neighbor to neighbor sharing site                         Gardner-Olathe Area & Lawrence



Sleepy Head Beds   4741 Central, #244  KC,MO – Gently used Children’s through Q size mattresses;  (816-547-9965)

*Phone answered 10-2 M-W or email Jamie@sleephyeadbeds.org    *free to “neighbors” < sleepyheadbeds.org >

Sleep in Heavenly Peace              *Contact Rachel Kroh for Bunk Beds                      (913-677-0764)      



Church of the Resurrection        13720 Roe Ave                                    Leawood                             (913-897-0120)

*Valid at a gas station close to the church.



City Union Mission                        1108 E 10th St                       KC, MO                                                 (816-474-9380)

Health Partnership Clinic       All locations:  Olathe, Paola, Shawnee Mission, Ottawa        (913-648-2266)

El-Centro                 500 E. Santa Fe (Olathe) *Johnson, Wyandotte or Jackson County        (913-829-7800)

Mercy and Truth                        5817 Nieman Rd                                      Shawnee                             (913-248-9965)

*Have sliding scale for payment for those who qualify.

JOCO health Department    11875 S. Sunset Drive, Suite 300         Olathe                                 (913-826-1200)



Olathe Wesleyan Church          15320 S Ridgeview                               Olathe                                  (913-780-6365)

Center of Grace                              520 S Harrison                                     Olathe                                  (913-764-1353)

Mission Southside                         414 E. Dennis                                       Olathe                                  (913-393-2200)

*Only if they are at one of our sites – see Danielle




Project 10 20                                                                                                    Contact Dean                   (913-390-7009)

   *on days it will be below 20 degrees, adults only                                                         

City Union Mission Family Center    Community wide – Offers long-term services, also    (816-474-9380)

*Men go to 10th & Troost; women and families call 816-474-4599                            Hotline (816-474-4599)

Interfaith Hospitality Network – Day Shelter *JOCO                                                                         (913-345-1149)

Catholic Charities       Have a rapid rehousing program to help with homelessness.             (913-782-4077)

Accept referrals from the county continuum care’s housing prioritization list

Salvation Army Family Shelter – *JOCO families with children under age of 18      (913-782-3640) or (913-829-0578)

Olathe Public Schools/Heather Schoonover   *Transportation and food                                 (913-780-8233)

Shalom House – Men’s Transitional Shelter                                         KC, KS                                   (913-321-2206)

Community Linc   *Transitional housing for families with children under age of 18             (816-531-3727)

*Need to have a referral from a social agency.

Forest Avenue Family Shelter   4300 Forest Avenue                         KC, MO                                 (816-753-4753)

Interfaith Hospitality Network   6315 W 110th St                                Overland Park                   (913-345-2121)

KC Rescue Shelter for Men                                                                          KC, MO                                 (816-421-7643)

KC Rescue Shelter for Women                                                                   KC, MO                                 (816-348-3287)

Neema Church – Cold Weather Shelter     621 S. Lee Ave                Olathe                                  (913-271-3549)

Wash Day Wednesday – For the Unsheltered Homeless.

*Every 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month at 9:00a.m.:  Eastgate Coin Laundry   240 Park St   Olathe, KS                                      

                                           Quarters and soap provided for 1 load.  Ask for Judi.


JOHNSON COUNTY HUMAN RESOURCES – County Career Opportunities                  (913-715-8800) or (913-715-1400)


JOHNSON COUNTY MULTI-SERVICES CENTER < jocogov.org/facility/sunset-building >   M-F 8:00am-5:00pm

11811 S. Sunset Dr. (119th & Ridgeview)                                                 Olathe                                  (913-715-5000)

*Popular Questions, Category “Human Services” – dropdown list for more info



MY RESOURCE CONNECTION    < ims.jocogov.org/rc >

*food pantries, section 8 housing, job finding assistance, clothing, dental care, child support assistance, homeless

    shelters, transitional housing, community mental health agencies, early childhood education, and more.



Center of Grace                                               520 S Harrison                                     Olathe                                  (913-764-1353)

                                                *Loan program for crutches, wheel chairs, hospital beds, etc.



Catholic Charities (of Northeast Kansas)        333 E Poplar                Olathe                                  (913-782-4077)

City Union Mission                                                                                          KC, MO                                 (816-474-9380)

Johnson County Multi-Service Center                                    Call for assistance                            (913-715-6653)

Salvation Army                                 420 E. Santa Fe                                   Olathe                                  (913-782-3640)

Touch Fund  < www.touchfund.org >                                                                     *Contact to Suggest a Recipient

Olathe Public Schools Foundation Wimmer Student Care Fund                   *Contact your School Counselor



Advice and Aid Pregnancy Center   Foxhill Medical Building 4601 W 109th Ste 302 OP, KS  (913-962-0200)

*Parenting classes, maternity and baby items                   11644 W 75th 4D Shawnee, KS   (913-198-9890)

Single Mom KC (meets at BreakPointe Community Church)          10001 W 88th St. OP, KS (913-541-0151)

*Offer monthly classes, Coaching, limited clothing

Johnson County WIC (pregnancy through 5 year olds)    English (913-477-3300)   Spanish (913-477-3342)

Safe Kids Johnson County katie.schatte@jocogov.org 11875 S Sunset Dr. Ste 300, Olathe  (913-477-8312)

*Free car seats, Pack & Play

Infant & Toddler Services of JoCo                                                                                                               (913-432-2900)

Kids TLC *Help for children in crisis             480 Rogers Rd                  Olathe                    (913-764-2887)



Head start                                                                                           call Yessica Diaz or Julvia Castillo (913-780-7922)

Early Headstart – there are various locations                                                                                         (913-342-1110)



Center of Grace                                     520 S. Harrison                                             Olathe                    (913-764-1353)

City Union Mission                                                                                                                                            (816-474-9380)

Johnson County Multi-Service Center                                    Call for assistance                              (913-715-6653)

KCP&L                          *short-term payment arrangement                                                                   (888-471-5275)

United Way               *for assistance with KCP&L bill                                                    Dial 211 or (866-320-5764)

Catholic Charities                                   333 E Poplar                                                  Olathe                   (913-782-4077)

LIEAP – Low Income Energy Assistance Program *applications accepted in January            (866-445-4327)

Salvation Army                                      420 E. Santa Fe                                              Olathe                    (913-782-3640)

Johnson County Multiservice     11811 S. Sunset Dr. (119th & Ridgeview)  Olathe                    (913-715-6653)

Johnson County Human Service Department                                                                  (913-715-8800) or (913-715-1400)



Johnson County Christmas Bureau   9503 Johnson Dr.                     Merriam                              (913-341-4342)

Budget Counseling – Consumer Credit Counseling                                                                            (816-753-0535)

Kids TLC *Help for children in crisis  480 Rogers Rd                             Olathe                                  (913-764-2887)

Project Restore *Building Supplies   303 West 79th or 4701 Dermaus Ave.       KC, MO         (816-231-6889)



Workforce Partnership www.workforcepartnership.com 9221 Quivira Road, Overland Park   (913-557-5900)

Kansas Job Link                                                                                                                                                 (800-255-2458)

Webco                                                                                                                                                                  (913-764-7111)

Epic Landscape                                                                                                                                                  (913-897-3858)



Immigrant Connection Center    15320 S Ridgeview Rd    Olathe  call for an appointment (913-210-1776)

Immigration/Criminal/Domestic Attorney 106 S. Cherry, Olathe                     Lauren Conrad Young (913-227-9336)

The Clinic Kansas City                                                                                                                                     (816-994-2300)

Immigration Counseling Services 2220 Central Ave           KC, KS                   lawyer on staff (913-906-8949)



My Father’s House < mfhcs.com >   1004 N Pearl St.         Paola, KS                                              (913-294-3600)



Mission Adelante                                                                                                                                             (913-281-6274)

Catholic Charities                                                                                                                                             (913-621-1504)

Hope Faith Ministries *Will help in many ways, Homeless day center                                       (816-471-4673)

El Centro                                                                                                                                                              (913-677-0100)


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