Our Mission

To form a no-kill coalition for companion animals within our community by educating the public, providing spay/neuter and other responsible pet owner services, and finding great adopters for the homeless pets in our care.

Our History
Since 1999, The Pet Connection has found homes for more than 7,000 animals and rehabilitated hundreds of dogs and cats with aggression, fear and anxiety issues. We have spayed or neutered over 8,000 dogs and cats in our own free and low-cost clinics since 2002 and assisted another 5,800 pets with low-cost services since 2006.

The Pet Connection was founded in 1999 in Mission, Kansas to offer shelter for homeless pets, adoptions and training. We were one of the first no-kill advocacy groups in the Kansas City Metro area and the first cage-less facility in Johnson County to offer education about available spay and neuter programs. In 2006, The Pet Connection relocated to a facility in Mission that enabled all dogs and cats to have their own rooms while awaiting adoptive homes or being rehabilitated due to behaviors that hindered adoption prospects.

The Pet Connection currently focuses on pet adoptions, dog and cat training, aggressive dog rehabilitation, and classes for pet owners. We were the first in this area to offer free training/behavior classes to adopters. The Pet Connection has always been committed to being no-kill advocates. We have been involved in many projects with local and national organizations to help Kansas City progress in how homeless pets are cared for and to improve the services that they receive.

Our organization has always provided thousands of dollars worth of supplies, including cat litter, food, toys, beds and dog houses, to other rescues and shelters.

Our Services

The Pet Connection can help you and your family find the right dog or cat for your personality, home and lifestyle. To ensure that your relationship with your new pet is a happy and positive experience, The Pet Connection is here to provide training and support with a variety of services:

For Pet Owners

Dog and cat adoption services
Positive obedience training classes
Dog socialization and play groups
Consultation and positive training for aggression, housetraining, barrier and leash aggression, separation anxiety, and other common behaviors that may cause people to relinquish their pets
Foster care programs that enable dogs and cats to live in a home environment in order to avoid euthanasia at a shelter, recover from prior trauma and get accustomed to life in a household until the pet becomes more adoptable
Assistance to pet owners who are unable to keep their pets and wish to rehome their dog or cat responsibly

For Animal Rescue Organizations and Shelters

Seminars and workshops that teach positive staff interactions with shelter animals and methods to decrease shelter animals’ anxiety. We can show you how to make the shelter experience more humane and less stressful for the dogs and cats in your care
Consultation and training for dogs and cats that need to be rehabilitated due to aggression, fear, separation anxiety and other behaviors that keep pets from finding adoptive homes

Our Board Members
Aaron Mindrup
Jeanine Mindrup
Carmen Sigler
Vicki Hendricks
Cynthia Williams

Our Locations

The Sanctuary & Rehabilitation Center in Beloit, KS is primarily used for those pets with health issues or long term needs that require special training or supervision.

1301 Asherville Rd., Lot E
Beloit, KS 67420-3582



Our Address:

12608 Santa Fe Trail Dr, Lenexa, KS


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