Can Intentional Acts of Kindness Improve Your Health?

Can Intentional Acts of Kindness Improve Your Health?

Starfish Project Pay it Forward Card

YES!! Selfless acts of giving, be it a smile, a word of encouragement, or the offer of a helping hand, result in an emotional uplift not only for others, but also for our self. When I meet with clients who are unmotivated and depressed, one of the action items I recommend is doing Intentional Acts of Kindness.

Research is revealing that being kind is innate and naturally makes us feel and think better.  Our “brains on kindness” actually create neural pathways that enhance feelings of well-being and the natural flow of feel-good endorphins and mood elevating neurotransmitters.

A major side effect to doing Intentional Acts of Kindness is that it’s contagious! Kindness appears to be self-replicating, inspiring kindness in others. Simply put, when we ourselves perform an act of kindness, this is likely to encourage others to act in a similar way. Our local non-profit, Starfish Project ( makes it so easy for us to spread kindness with “Pay it Forward” cards, Lucky Bamboo, and other opportunities to make kindness a habit. Join our Kindness Tribe by getting cards and Paying them Forward!! It will truly make you healthier and happier.

Namaste! ~Joni Van Horn

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