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Dogs by Debin is located in Kansas City, Missouri. We house & care for approximately 50-80 dogs at any given time. Our dogs arrive in our care in many ways; owner surrenders, strays & we pull from local high-intake shelters.

We have an equal balance of dogs that need medical care, behavioral rehabilitation & many dogs that are just ready to go into that new home today. All of our dogs leave our care spayed/neutered, vaccinated, microchipped & heartworm tested (if positive, we treat them).

We were developed based on the fact that there is a gap in the sheltering system. The shelters that are open-intake, although they are doing the best they can, they can only do so much. Those shelters are also very stressful to the dogs & this is where we step in. You can consider our place a half-way home for dogs if you will. We allow the dogs to be dogs again, offering them behavioral modification, land to run on, playgroups & necessary vet care. With this being said, our adoption rate is sometimes slowed due to the fact the dog(s) may not be ready for adoption right away. We set our dogs up for success & match them with the right family. Our final goal is to have the adoptions last the dog’s lifetime.Our #1 goal though is to have a dog stay in their current home, should it be safe. We offer counseling & resources to do our best to make this happen. When it’s not possible, they may safely surrender the dog to us, provided we have space. Please consider donating to our cause. You can revisit our website & watch while we grow, or help us grow by making a donation. We are a licensed shelter through the state of Missouri & a 501(c)(3) non-profit.

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Dogs by Debin

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Noon - 4 pm

Dogs by Debin will be at PetSmart most Saturday's to showcase a handful of our wonderful adoptable dogs! ​8970 NW Skyview Ave, Kansas City, MO 64154 from 11am-3pm. Our main location will also be open on Saturday from Noon - 4:00 pm.