Services in honor of my Mom are as follows:

Visitation: Friday August 10th 4-8pm McGilley’s Funeral Home

2nd Visitation: Saturday August 11th 11-11:45am Saint Francis Xavier Catholic Church
Mass: Saturday August 11th 12-1pm Saint Francis Xavier Catholic Church
Reception to follow

Details/Addresses available at 

You may share your memories and photos through this link. A book will be made for the family in honor of this.


By: Blair Johnson

As your journey here on Earth
Is coming to an end,
The only thing I can think of is
How much I will miss you, my friend.

Your eyes are growing heavy,
Your breaths becoming shallow.
Your wrapped up tight in blankets,
Your head rests on your pillow.

Close your eyes.
Breath easy now.
Your Earth Angels
Will take it from here, somehow.

Please watch over us
From above.
We won’t let you down,
We will forever carry on ONE LOVE.

This is what we have to say about you ALS!

What I have learned in life is that I’m never going to have all the answers, I’m not going to understand why things are as they are, I’m always going to be learning and growing. But to be wise, I understand My truth is not everyone else’s truth, which means to them I’m not always right. But what I do know, without a doubt, is that when you give yourself to the service to Others you are an angel here on earth!! The two incredible people in this photo with me are definitely angels. One is about to earn her wings and is leaving this earth. I’m selfish in that I don’t know how to say goodbye, I’m Not ready to let go, but I know she has to fly, to spread her wings and watch over all the people that love her and there is a world full of them. 💙ONE LOVE💙 Dance among the stars my beautiful friend! It’s going to be amazing to see how bright you shine over us, when you were already so bright here with us! I love you! ~Sherry James

Dear sweet Jennifer Beckerman you are forever living in our hearts and souls of all the lives you touched and loved. The last words you spoke to me will forever be in my heart and I do know you are with me every day just as you said you would. I love you and have loved you since I met you 25 years ago. One Love lives on because of you. I miss you so much but know that one day we will be together again. #Oneloveforever ~Nadja Gulley

An absolutely amazing woman with amazing bravery and awesome heart….we will be at a loss since your departure, but remembering your courage and friendship will be a cornerstone of days ahead…..

thank you for being a friend.

RIP Jennifer Beckerman….. ~Keith Poe

Some just don’t get to stay…..”Heaven awaits your heart…..and flowers bloom in your name” Xo ~Kris Lentz

Heaven gained another very special angel on Wednesday with the passing of Jennifer Beckerman. Jennifer was a true warrior who fought ALS with dignity and grace. She lived her life on her own terms and didn’t let anything stop her. My love and hugs goes out to Cathy, Savannah Beckerman, Stephanie and the loved ones her incredible life touched. You are free now Jen. ~Teresa Fraser Krambeer

A couple of days ago this dear friend and companion of mine, Jennifer Beckerman passed away from a courageous battle with ALS. Words cannot describe the admiration I had and will always have for her. Not only did she fight with the determination of Ali and persevere like a champion but she had the kindest, most genuine and unselfish heart of anyone I have ever met. You will always hold a place in my heart and I promise to carry this torch for you until we find a cure! One Love baby!! ♥️  ~Adam Crane

Some of my kids from back in the day. WDOM slumber party. ~Jackie Crane Bailey

RIP Jennifer Beckerman. You will be missed by many. One love. ~Anglea DeCastro

Can I just say this? I couldn’t bring myself to see Jen on Monday, as I’m known for anxiety. Monday night I had a dream me and my boyfriend were in her room He reached his hands out to hold her and she was in a fetal position incoherent and not very alert. He whispered to her, “I brought Kim with me,” and she sat right up and said, “Oh, well I’m happy to SEE YOU!”
I know she was there for me. Her smile, no joke, better than money in the bank. Never once heard her say a bad thing …about anyone or anything. She shined. She wanted me to come see her after her diagnosis so she brought me a gift. You remember what it was? She brought me a pair of socks. The woman in a wheelchair bought me socks. I will treasure them for as long as I live. She rocks, with socks! ~Kim Stevens

OH MY!!! The best one so far !!and Jennifer Beckerman…. I know you don’t have to imagine anymore! Thinking of you ☝🏼☝🏼🤲🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽   ~Patty Garvin DeBolt

This wonderful woman, mother and friend received her angel wings yesterday due to ALS.. She should be an inspiration to everybody. Love you Jennifer Beckerman rest in paradise. ~Robin Reuscher Holland

Yesterday my sweet friend Jennifer got her angel wings. I honestly don’t know how we are all gonna manage without the life force embodied by you. You were the glue that held us all together. Our friend group exists because you brought us all together. Caring for you these last months has been an honor and privilege. I witnessed such strength where you smiled through the pain and continued to be available for all those that love you even when most other people would have just retreated. But you are no ordinary person as shown by the last few days which have been nothing short of a miracle as you allowed hundreds of people come to say goodbye, once again showing your selflessness. You are our guardian angel now. We will do our best to carry on the love that you taught us and to take care of each other. Go spread your wings in Heaven and show them all up there the  ONE LOVE ❤ ~Susan Ollier Carrico

~John Van Hengel

~Kim Kuhn

This literally popped up today….she’s letting me know she’s right here💙💙💙 ~Anne McGovern
Jennifer Beckerman Was lucky…. she got a couple years notice and she knew every minute of it counted so she made every minute of it count. She is an inspiration to us all. She lived. She loved. And she didn’t let a little rut slow her down.
Love you lady! ~Kristina DeCombes
Savannah, I only met you a couple of times but I must say I along with the thousands of friends and associates and bikers and classmates and coworkers and bros and chicas who knew your mom have the admiration of you that she did. You made her so proud. You are the best thing about this whole messed up time for all of us, so thank you for having her as a mom and out shining this sad time with such grace. One Love Part Two….  ~Kim Stevens
RIP Jen…you will be missed by many! ~Brian Lauer
We’ve been friends since high school…you’ve always been so full of life, someone who lived life to the fullest. I’m inspired by your journey and the love in your heart that never diminished. Thank you for allowing me to behold your true beauty. You’re no longer shackled to this earth, so I bid you farewell for now, my friend. Until you are reunited with all those you held dear. Much love 💗 ~Ilene Franz Amos
Death leaves a heartache no one can heal…ONE LOVE leaves a memory no one can steal…Jen is an angel now who will NEVER be forgotten…RIP, Jen…1-8-71 / 7-25-18 ~Pam Weaver Padilla

soo many of my friends lost a great soul yesterday morning..tho i havent seen you since westport days..we connected again on facebook years ago..and found out you an my sis Tammy were bunco mates..i’m so glad to know such an inspiration to so many.Jennifer Beckerman… one love will live on ~Tim Parvin

I lost a dear friend today to ALS, she knows I post music to soothe me and put my feelings out there so for you my dear Jennifer… the second link is of course Stairway.

~Timbob Foster

In searching through Jennifer Beckerman posts I saw this.. we traveled in the same circles but I’ve felt a little sheepish about saying anything. ~Kerry Phelan

How could you not be moved? The world would not stand still for her, but she dared the world to catch her even when the doctors told her she couldn’t walk. The mornings I would sludge and slump my way out of bed and into a pseudo-social activity such as Facebook would allow, it would be only 9 am and she’d have been rocking, one-loving, smiling and energizing at least a thousand friends….you’d better get up early if you wanted to keep up with her. That chair didn’t stop her. Nothing did. Every day was something brand new and gorgeous in her. Every word she uttered brought hope and wisdom to me. What a moving soul she had. She left us one thing, her beautiful daughter Savannah who no doubt is everything a legacy should be. That is for sure. Thank you to the heavens who hold her tonight for shining her down on us for just that brief moment. She moved me, I know she moved you and if you know Jen, you can bet she is still moving. One Love One Legacy  ~Kim Stevens

My beatiful bestie Jennifer gained her halo and her big beautiful angel wings today. I believe she is in heaven riding on her motorcycle, her hair blowing in the wind, her arms up in the air throwing devil horns to the song she is rocking too with a great big smile on her face. Dont forget the bubblelious bubbles shes blowing while riding down the highway.

Now she can do what she loves to do the most for eternity. Even though I am beyond heartbroken that Jennifer is not physically here with us, I know she free of ALS and she will be watching over us all. She is always with me in my heart.

I love you hooker! Its not goodbye. It’s only until we meet again. 

💙💜Best friends forever! 💜💙
💋One Jennifer Love!💋  ~Kim Stevens

A beautiful soul passed away today! My friend R.I.P. ~Kevin Byrd

RIP Beautiful Jennifer Beckerman. Courageous fighter of ALS slipped away this morning. Great memories are saved forever of this once vibrant lady. Jennifer if you can feel me tonight bidding you farewell, wipe your tears. We lived. We rode our bikes. We partied. From pulling you out from under a falling motorcycle to laughs on John Van Hengel deck to windy rain dances at Bad Company.
Your  will live on for your angel Savannah. Peace be with you babe.

One  Love. Eternal Peace. ~Jillian Richwine

Thanks to Facebook memories, I just realized I lost 2 good friends, close to my age, EXACTLY 2 years apart. How is that possible? Christine McClain-Lee and Jennifer Beckerman were both taken too soon! They were also both incredibly kind and generous souls loved by all who knew them.

quite frankly this news is too much to absorb 😭

Love your friends, don’t miss opportunities to spend time with them (I need to be better at this!), keep them in your thoughts and wish them the best life has to offer everyday. And hug them every chance you get, you will never regret it!  ~Jen Genter

Jennifer Beckerman was my friend. She was one of the people in my life that I took a little bit of her and brought it through life to help me become who I was going to be. I of course am not half the woman she was. I love you beckerman. Oh my. How I love you. And how much you will be missed pains me. You will forever live in the hearts of so many people that you were so incredibly generous to have shared your life love and spirit with. I love you my beautiful friend. ~Catrina Cole Dale

My beautiful friend Jennifer Beckerman passed away this morning.

Beckerman was the first single mom by choice I ever knew; I remember vividly when we were all working at Stanford’s and she got pregnant and just decided to have her baby on her own. Her daughter, Savannah, has grown into a beautiful young woman; she graduated high school a couple of months ago. Savannah, your mom was so loved; know that you are too.
This pic is from the last time I saw Jen, at Christmas. I was five months pregnant and she reminded me that if she could do it, I could do it too.

It’s tempting to say Jenn “lost her battle” with ALS but I don’t think she did. She died of ALS (and #fuckALS) but if there was a battle, she won it.
When she was diagnosed 3 1/2 years ago, she made a commitment to dedicate the rest of her life to #onelove. She wrapped her arms all the way around every remaining day of her life, everyone she knew and loved, and every new person she met, and she held it all as tight as she could. She celebrated every minute and every moment.

It wasn’t a saccharine, fake positivity. ALS sucks and some days were really hard (I remember crying for her when she posted on the day she couldn’t ride her beloved motorcycle anymore). But she was fiercely determined to practice gratitude for what she had and to focus on the love in her life and in the world. It’s probably the most inspiring thing I’ve ever witnessed.

Jenn spent the last few days surrounded in both body and spirit by an army of people who loved her – dozens of people in and out of the house to say goodbye, hundreds posting how much they loved her and were thinking of her, so that her friends and family could let her know. I can think of no better tribute for a life than that.

Rest in peace, lady. 💕ONELOVE  ~Rebecca Hughey

Thorncrown Chapel near Eureka Springs – first stop on our Arkansas venture. Thorncrown and its architect E. Fay Jones have received many awards for its design. I was struck by the serenity and beauty of the chapel and stopped for a moment to say a prayer for Jennifer Beckerman and her family. ~Penny Sharp

Is this blurry or am I blurry- I can’t tell! Shots in celebration of a woman who did NOT lose her battle with ALS… she beat its ass, she did NOT let the diagnosis end her life, she SOARED above it! She moved on to a higher level of angel- she’s always been an angel on earth but today she transcends our understanding and she shines with mighty wings over us! Raise your glasses and celebrate a life lived to the fiercest! 💙#ONELOVE 💙 ~Sherry James

This morning a phenomenal friend passed away. Jennifer Beckerman was a fighter to the fullest, her message was full of encouragment to those with ALS and those without, she was tenacious, her laughter contagious, her ideas creative, she never gave up, Jennifer was beautiful inside and out, she was brave, understanding, loving and I could go on and on… I will miss you and I am glad you have your angel wings! I am a believer that all who pass become our guardian angels, what a privilege. Jennifer, you touched so many lives thank you for making an imprint in my life! Keeping your family in my prayers.

#ONELOVE ~Angela Donahue

Rest in peace Jennifer Beckerman. Your contagious smile and beauty inside and out will never be forgotten. ♡♡ONE LOVE♡♡ ~Lisa Breunis Atkins

~Bonnie Arbuckle

Jennifer Beckerman Rock in Peace my friend. ~Chris Hagemann

My girls are thinking of you tonight Jen. #onelove ~John Cott

Thankful for a lifetime of friendship and love. Miss Jennifer changed the lives of many. Her courageous battle with ALS inspired everyone she knew and loved. Absent from the body is present with the Lord, and she was excited to meet her Lord and Savior, and wanted her first moments in heaven to include a cheeseburger. I trust that has already happened! I will forever love you girl. Fly high. One Love❤  ~Stephanie Howk

~Donna Ashe

Celebrating you Jennifer Beckerman. One Love Forever!!! ~Tabitha Knapp Peterson

Jennifer Beckerman, you have always been such an inspiration to me. I will always remember your beautiful smile. Even though I haven’t heard your voice in years, I can remember your voice and your laugh. I hope to never forget that. You lived with the theory of “seize the day”! (your own words) 🙂 You probably had more great experiences in one year than most people do in a life time. No matter how many people you had in your life, you always had time and patience. You were selfless. Even when you announced that you had been diagnosed with ALS back in December 2015, you said “If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me because I am here for you!” You were here for all of us. Up until the end. I heard there were so many that came to see you in your last moments, that people had to sign up on a waiting list. Selfless. I wish I said more in my last message to you, but I didn’t think you would be able to read it (or that anyone would read it to you). But yet, it was read, and I got a response. That was such a gift. I know things like that were important to you. You were here for others. Thank you for being such a beautiful person inside and out.  ONE LOVE ❤  ~Billie West

I met Jennifer Beckerman at a team captains meeting Jeremy had already told me about this incredible lady he was talking to who had ALS but said ALS didn’t have her it may have taken her arms and legs away from her but not her grace heart or soul she showed me love and she taught me to love the life you live. Every time I saw her she had a smile she never let ALS get her she truly was an angel on earth. I am so sorry for your loss Savannah you and your family are in my heart and prayers!  ~Laurie Holeman

Heaven as Gained an Amazing Angel Jennifer Beckerman you are Loved and will Greatly be Missed ~Roberto Chavez



~Bert Monroe

Thinking of my son, Bill and his friends. Sorry for their loss of Jennifer, a beautiful young woman to ALS. Please pray for her daughter, Savannah, family and friends. ~Linda Parker

I read this on a friends life journey..god truly received a angel…
RIP Jennifer Beckerman…Just another one of those days when having ALS has made my life better! Don’t get me wrong I wish everyday I didn’t have this disease, but that I can’t change. So instead I chose to change the world. It is amazing how many people will come up to me in my wheelchair and start a conversation with me. Today I met a man named Steve, he was a NFL player for the New Orleans Saints in the 70’s and suffered a blow to the neck that almost left him paralyzed and ended his football career. We talked for almost 30 minuets about how one moment can change your life, then I told him about how I live life to its fullest and will never let those three dreadful letters stop me, that none of us are promised tomorrow and to seize the day. I told him about my trip to Mexico and my upcoming trip to Sturgis and about camping on the river. He said to me “I knew the moment I saw you, you were not just some woman rolling on wheels, but an angel soaring on wings”. He thanked me for showing him that the power of living comes from within then took my hand and a tear fell from his eye.
Today, in just a moment, two humans, complete strangers, shared just a moment and both went our separate ways, maybe never too see each other again but both leaving better people then we came.
💜ONE LOVE💜  ~Jessica Clardy

~Bert Monroe

Some favorite memories through the years with this Angel of Love. ~Sibi Haesemeyer

~Bert Monoe





We love you and we will ride to remember you!
Rest In Peace, baby girl
 — with Ed Lane and Jennifer Beckerman. ~Roni Lane Clark

~Bert Monroe             

Wish you didn’t have to leave so soon. You’ve always been an angel, now you have wings keep your eye on me and guide me in the right direction till I join you to ride in the sky! You wiil never be forgotten but Truley missed my beautiful sister. Rip Jennifer Beckerman ~Amy Meinert

Rest in peace Jennifer Beckerman. My heart goes out to your family. You were truly amazing person ~Anne Darrow-Ruiz

Jeremy Holeman was so honored at this year’s Night of Hope to have you there Jennifer Beckerman. ~Sharon Arnold



Today many friends and family are remembering Jennifer Beckerman, who passed away this morning due to ALS. Jennifer was a special young woman who lived her 47 yrs to the fullest–even after her diagnosis in 2015. Her strengh, badassness, big heart and beautiful smile were ever-present. In 2016 I had the pleasure of being DonPost’s date to the ALS Prom when Jennifer was honored as the ALS “Ambassador of the Year.” Her mantra was @onelove. She lived each day trying to “make everything okay” for everyone else. She will be missed by all who were blessed to know her. Rest in peace, Jennifer. ~Penny Sharp





The wonderful woman in the middle between Katie and I, is Jennifer. She lost her battle with ALS this morning. I was blessed to meet her a few years back… 10? Years Or So. Down in Euerka Springs, Arkansas. From the moment I met her she was such a wonderful, kind, caring and loving person. She will be truly missed. Please keep her daughter In your thoughts and prayers. Truly blessed to have known you for so many years and it was always a blessing when I would run into you while on the motorcycle/out an about.
One Love.
Heaven Gained one heck of an angel this morning. 💜  ~Sarah J Osburn-Moore

Sad to learn of the passing of Jennifer Beckerman after her battle with ALS. In your life you meet lots of people some good, some bad and a few that are very, very special. Jennifer was one of those. She always had a smile on that beautiful face of hers. She laughed. She treated people with Dignity and respect and she liked motorcycles. So ride my free spirited angel explore the heavens. Just remember we’ll miss you down here. ~Ross McGinnis

I don’t know what to do without Tuesday afternoon being booked. I am breaking my promise to her. I am sobbing like the last thing she called me-a bitch. Not ashamed one bit. I am forever grateful for my friendship and kinkinship with her. Her legacy spreads far and wide. I am taking her spirit, thoughtfulness, kind loving devotion and keeping it up but I will never reach her pinnacle of goodness. Still I will strive in her honor ONE LOVE doesn’t stop. .ever  ~James Holman

Thank you for all the beautiful memories, Jennifer. You are one kickass soul. Too soon you are not here but you taught us so much about loving and living. We are grieving our loss but you have been freed to fly with the angels and are no longer bound. ALS sucks but you showed us all how to shine.  One Love ♥ ~Bert Monroe


Jennifer and Savannah 


Jennifer Beckerman Savannah Beckerman ~Smantha Norton

I’m pretty sure this is either my Nana or my Jennifer Beckerman checking in on me on the 5th floor. I miss and love you both.  ~Meredith Herron

I miss you already Beckerman! Thank you for teaching me ONE LOVE! Sending love and peace to Amy Meinert and all of JB’S tribe. ~Kim Foster

I’m so incredibly sad to be writing this, & at the same time so at peace. Writing this has allowed me to collect my thoughts & work through the whirlwind of emotions, while sharing my love for Jen, for our family, and for her incredible One Love tribe of supporters, friends, & caretakers, all which are one in the same.

Jennifer Beckerman, my beautiful, biker chick, hard-rocker, ALS ass-kicking cousin got her wings today & her time to ride again. Spending time with Jen these last few months, & meeting the literal HUNDREDS of people that have walked through the doors the last few days that she has impacted has been the greatest joy. Even down to Jen’s last days & hours, she was serving others by connecting people with people. I met people that had met Jen once, & others that have known her a lifetime, all had a story to share, & all wanted the chance to tell her they were forever changed having known her.

I am humbled, blessed, and privileged to have known, and been kin with Jen. I am deeply saddened & angered by this wretched life sucking disease, and will continue to fight the fight with Jen’s tribe.

Savannah Beckerman, you, Stephanie Marie Beckerman, Cathy, and your momma’s beautiful forever sister friends seamlessly took after her, greeting each face with a smile, a hug & the invaluable gift of time with your mom. I don’t think any greater gift has ever been given. You were all so selfless and wonderful. You are so loved & I am forever thankful for that time.

Jen, thank you for breathing life into every.human.thing. you touch, for the One Love mantra that speaks to everything this world needs and craves, that is, to be human – means to love all, love fiercely, love dearly, & to never miss an opportunity to do good & give to others. Thank you for welcoming Jordan Risinger, the love of my life into our family with open arms, & creating a bond with him that he and I have and will always cherish. Thank you for giving my mom, Anne McGovern, the honor to watch over you, fulfilling her heart & easing her mind, giving her a whole new purpose.

Ride on, sister. Watch over us. Rest easy, & know that you won this fight. Your One Love is everywhere. Just as you intended ❤  ~Jessica McGovern