November 13 thru the 19th is Be Kind Kansas Week. Starfish Project has partnered up with Be Kind Kansas and starting our Starfish Project Be Kind Club. Our goal is to reach 21,000 Acts of Kindness. We want to thank Joni Van Horn for taking the lead in this project! In order to hit our goal, we need you to send us your Acts of Kindness stories, photos and videos. Please email them to so she can get them added to this page. If you would like to get your own Pay It Forward Cards, feel free to stop by The Beach to pick them up. Let’s blanket the KC Metro in Acts of Kindness, GO!!!


*I was able to help carry personal items and hold the door for a dear friend of mine in a wheel chair.

*I had such a wonderful afternoon spending time with You, your Mom, Tom, Jan, Sharon Rodriguez, Alicia, and everyone else. The time flew by SO quickly. I loved the fellowship, your Mom’s dish, and the donated beef dish. Jessie James, Don(Ditto), and I all arrived back at camp simultaneously. They absolutely devoured your Mom’s chicken/rice creation. It was still warm. I was too stuffed but am going to have the beef in a bit. The containers you are using for to-go food are PERFECT. I’ve been jostling my beef around for miles tonight. It’s been sideways, upside-down, and banged around a lot during my walking. Hasn’t leaked a bit.

*Thank you Troop 888 for the food drive donation!       Donated to Open Arms!

*Today I was able to donate 2 post of stew for the Starfish Project haircuts for the homeless event

*Meet Will, a spry 74 year young volunteer who serves several days a week at New Hope Food Pantry. He knows the secret – volunteerism keeps you young both mentally and physically   

*A friend of mine has two pallets of Disney Infinity starter packs and I get to help find kids that would love to have them, super excited for the opportunity to help bring the smiles to 144 kids!

*Skyler is so excited to do an “IAOK” by Gifting her teacher with the lucky bamboo plant  

*It felt great to give a police officer a candle and Pay it forward card with a note of gratitude for his service

*It felt amazing to leave the guys who pick up our trash a bit of gratitude and breakfast items from Starbucks!

*This week I was able to spoil a group of students with fresh donuts everyday!

*It felt great taking lucky bamboo to the library today and passing them out to the staff with pay it forward cards

*While at Starbucks this morning I️ bought the guy in front of me his coffee!! I️ left a stack of Pay it forward cards and encouraged patrons to do an act of kindness today

*Loved being able to purchase lunch for the car behind me in the drive through today

*I received a cute little plant on a chair by my front door with your card inside a card a friend had placed by it. Such a delightful surprise.

*a man helped me one night with 100.00 that was in front of cb hannigans in los gatos couldn’t pay him back but appreciated his generosity that put me in a hotel for safety i wont forget this thanks please send a note to cb hannigans in los gatos a single bit of kindness sends an endless ripple thanks Bev

*Hi I am in funky kids yoga. I am 10 and have done a bunch of  random acts of kindness and here are some of the random acts: I helped the best I could when someone came over, I wrote nice poems to my mom and dad and put it on their bed secretly witch made them smile, I wrote my sister a letter with candy in it, I watched my little sisters for my mom and dad, I gave my little sister a sucker, my brother some gum, my little sister wanted someone to sleep with and i let her witch made her smile, at activity days everybody left a mess from the activity and so I helped them clean up, I helped my mom clean the kitchen and do the dishes, I mopped the floor, I helped our friend cook. I have seen a video called random acts. I finished off the 3 cards I had and still did more acts without even knowing, sometimes I just like doing kindness for fun. Amy Wilkinson is my funky kids yoga name and she told me to send you the random acts that I’ve done.

I arrived at the office as usual. When I went to see if there was anything in my mailbox I found a small glass bowl filled with chocolates and other sweet treats. I have know idea who left it, as it wasn’t there when I left the night before. It really did brighten my day and I will be looking for an opportunity to pay it forward. I pray that whoever left it – is blessed abundantly.

*Tonight I received a gracious act of kindness from an employee at Freddy’s. I had ordered and eaten while working at my laptop in the restaurant. After I finished, I teared up for a few minutes–It was one of those overwhelming days near Christmas when everything that needs to be done and too much to do for everyone else had sapped my reserves. I dried my tears and got back to work. Minutes later, a young man carrying a small concrete approached me, “Would you like a free Worms and Dirt concrete?” He smiled. I accepted. My heart felt warmer, fuller. He could have thrown that concrete out, but instead he found a customer that needed a pick-me-up. That little treat buoyed my spirits more than he may ever know


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